Update from the British Embassy: Key Messages for UK Nationals in Germany

Update from the British Embassy: Key Messages for UK Nationals in Germany


Dear all,

The British Embassy Berlin would like to share with you some sources of information and key messages for UK nationals living in Germany. We are grateful for your help in sharing this information with any UK nationals in your organisations and networks.

‘Get Ready’ Campaign

The ‘Get ready’ campaign is a UK Government campaign to inform UK nationals living in the EU about how to prepare for Brexit, including information on how Brexit will impact them and the steps they need to take. Important partners like you can help us extend the campaign’s reach by sending out the key messages for UK nationals in Germany to people we would otherwise struggle to reach.

  • Key messages for UK nationals

If there’s a deal, most rights of UK nationals living in Germany will be protected. If there’s a no deal Brexit, the rights and access to services for UK nationals living in Germany will change. We want UK nationals in Germany to know that Brexit will affect them, and suggest using the key messages below.

    • Check the Living in Germany Guide gov.uk/livingingermany to find the information you need, including actions you need to take now to secure your rights.

Specifically, UK nationals living in Germany need to take the following actions before exit day:

      • Register at your local registration office, if you haven’t done so yet (Einwohnermeldeamt)
      • Exchange your UK driving licence for a German one
      • Request recognition of any UK professional qualifications you hold
      • Check your passport is valid for travel

In addition, they would have to take the following actions after exit day:

      • Apply for a new residence permit at their local Ausländerbehörde (some Ausländerbehörden already allow application prior to exit day)
      • In the case of a no deal Brexit, if your healthcare is currently covered by S1, join a German health insurer within 3 months
      • In the case of a no deal Brexit, if you are currently using EHIC to access healthcare, take out health insurance immediately
  • How you can help

You can help by sharing information to your UK nationals via your own communication channels. You could:

    • Share our handout to inform UK nationals of the actions they need to take;
    • Use the key messages to communicate to UK nationals in town hall events, drop-in sessions or Q&A sessions;
    • Use our images and posters to help deliver the key messages on social media, websites and blogs, or to display physically in your office or community centre. Please use the images attached and link to the Living in Guide

Please let us know of any communications activity that you decide to run in support of the campaign. Also, please let us know if you would like to receive any printed versions of the handout, posters, or info cards. We will happily post them to you.

We are aware the situation is evolving quickly and will be in touch with any new information. Nevertheless, it is important in the meantime that UK nationals living in Germany take these steps.

Thank you very much for supporting this campaign. We appreciate your help in informing the UK nationals of changes that could affect them in the coming months. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at: Berlin.Embassy@fco.gov.uk

Many thanks,

British Embassy Berlin