Hugh Pierson: British Forces in Germany

Einladung zu einem Vortrag in englischer Sprache
Monday, 4th November 2019 at 7 pm

Saal des katholischen Stadthauses Essen,
Bernestraße 5, 45127 Essen 

This year the last British troops in North-Rhine Westphalia left Germany and returned to the United Kingdom. We, the citizens living in the Ruhr, have ample reason to thank them for their presence in the seventy years after World War II.

The fact that we can freely discuss in schools, universities and other institutions and that we can even criticize the British themselves is first and foremost the result of their victory over Nazi Germany.

After all, Britain was the only country, that consistently fought the Hitler Regime throughout the war; British troops liberated the prisoners form concentration camps such as Bergen-Belsen and laid the foundation for democracy and freedom in their occupation zone, which also comprised the Ruhr. Above all they preserved peace during the Cold War period.

This is why we have chosen this theme for our next lecture to which we most cordially invite you.

Our speaker, Hugh Pierson, is excellently qualified to talk about the post-war period: The time, when the British rebuilt democracy in the Ruhr area, the move from peace to Cold War and the changes after German Unification.

From the 1980s to 1993 Hugh served as an officer in the British army. After marrying a German lady he left the military service. Later he returned to coordinate the activities of his military unit with the local German authorities.

He wrote a book on the history of the British Forces in Germany: „1945-2019 – The Lived Experience“, which will be launched on 31st October 2019; moreover he assisted in organising the National Army Museum in London and their exhibition beginning 14 February 2020 – 75 years of the British Army in Germany 1945-2020.

For his merits he was awarded the Bundeswehr Ehrenkreuz in Silver in 2009 and the Niedersachsen Verdienstkreuz in 2015. Hugh is currently deputy chairman of the HannoverBritish-Society, and when he has time free, enjoys many country pursuits, particularly connected to dogs and horses.

On 4th November you can join us going on a trip down memory lane, but also discuss the future of our relationship with the UK, after the withdrawal of the British troops.

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