Dr. Stephanie Boland „British Journalism“

Einladung zu einem Vortrag in englischer Sprache
Monday, 8th April 2019 at 7 pm

RüKONTOR (5. Etage), Rüttenscheider Str. 144, 45131 Essen

Dr. Stephanie Boland is Head of Digital at Prospect Magazine, which focuses on thoughtful, ideas-led
writing that doesn’t follow a specific political line. As a journalist, she has also written for national
publications on everything from culture to politics, including covering the EU referendum as a writer at the
New Statesman. She holds a doctorate from the University of Exeter and is an associate lecturer in
journalism at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Talks and papers (selected)

January 2019 “The Way to the Sea”: a journey through new media” MLA Annual Convention Chicago

November 2018 “Recipes for war. Alice B. Toklas and the everyday politics of the avant-garde cookbook”, on BAMS badged panel, MSA 2018, Columbus, Ohio (panel organizer)

August 2017 “That grey tablet of lies” Flann O’Brien and the Press, on BAMS badged panel, MSA 2017, Amsterdam (panel organizer)

July 2015 “Err-and-stray”: The matter of modernist guide books, “Modernism now”! Institute of English Studies, London

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Dr. Boland’s talk focuses on the British press during Brexit, addressing issues such as trust in the media and the fraught question of “balance”. She will draw on recent research regarding “fake news” and how readers consume media to suggest that, while the picture is not as dire as some suggest, the British media has much to do if it wishes to regain the trust of the public and promote a better, more thoughtful, open political discourse post-Brexit.

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Unser Vortragsraum befindet sich in der 5. Etage des RüKONTOR (Aufzug vorhanden), Rüttenscheider  Str. 144/Eingang Gregorstraße, gegenüber dem Girardet Haus. Parkmöglichkeiten auf den anliegenden Strassen, auf den Parkplätzen des Girardethauses und am Ende der Gregorstraße vorhanden. U-Bahn Verbindung von Essen-Hbf: Linien U11, U101 und U107, Station Martinstraße (3 Minuten Fußweg). Busse von der Haltestelle Girardet Haus (Linie 142) und von der Haltestelle Martinstraße (Linien 142, 160 und 161).