[!ABGESAGT!]Rosanna Barry (Representative of the House of Lords to the European Union): „House of Lords Select Committee: Parliamentary scrutiny (examination) of the UK-EU relationship“

Einladung zu einem Vortrag in englischer Sprache
Monday, 9th March 2020 at 7 pm

RüKONTOR (5. Etage), Rüttenscheider Str. 144, 45131 Essen

Rosanna joined the House of Lords Administration in 2017 as a policy advisor to the EU Internal Market Committee and was later promoted to committee clerk (head of secretariat). In November 2019, she was appointed as the House of Lords Representative to the EU, working between London and Brussels. Before joining the House of Lords, Rosanna worked on financial services regulation and policy for UBS bank’s London office.


After „Brexit has been done“, we now look into the future, considering the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the years ahead. The
Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft Ruhr which was founded in 1950 – long before Britain joined what was then the „EWG“ – has invited a very prominent guest speaker, Mrs. Rosanna Berry, to give a lecture on this subject in general and on the state of the current negotiations in Brussels in particular.

The European Union Committee of the House of Lords examines the UK Government’s policies and actions in respect of the EU, including its policies on Brexit; it considers and seeks to influence the development of policies and draft laws proposed by the EU institutions; and more generally represents the House of Lords in its dealings with the EU institutions and other Member States.

The lecture will discuss the structure and function of the House of Lords, and especially the role of its select committee on the European Union. Rosanna will consider the Committee’s work before the 2016 Referendum, the period running up to the UK’s departure from the EU, and opportunities and challenges for the rest of 2020.
After the lecture participants will have an opportunity to ask further questions and take part in the discussion.

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Sparkasse Essen

Unser Vortragsraum befindet sich in der 5. Etage des RüKONTOR (Aufzug vorhanden), Rüttenscheider Str. 144/Eingang Gregorstraße, gegenüber dem Girardet Haus. Parkmöglichkeiten auf den anliegenden Strassen, auf den Parkplätzen des Girardethauses und am Ende der Gregorstraße vorhanden. U-Bahn Verbindung von Essen-Hbf: Linien U11, U101 und U107, Station Martinstraße (3 Minuten Fußweg). Busse von der Haltestelle Girardet Haus (Linie 142) und von der Haltestelle Martinstraße (Linien 142, 160 und 161).